Early Days in Singapore

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Singapore has some spectacular views – here is the view from the hotel room at night, plus an evening view from the Tower Club restaurant where we went for dinner with friends.

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Meanwhile – Singapore was but a brief stop and we quickly left for Malaysia – Malacca. While its fair to say that we quickly left Singapore we certainly did not quickly arrive in Malacca. Our expectations were set by this extract from a guide book; 

            “Below are the travel information from Singapore to Malacca (Melaka): Travel Time:3 – 4 hours depending on the traffic condition”

             Well we left at 12:50pm and arrived at 7pm, so that’s over 6 hours, including one rest stop of 10 minutes.

Getting the ticket in Singapore was interesting. We arrived a few minutes early at the bus depot, and were told too wait until later for our ticket – so we were surprised to receive a somewhat rudimentary hand written bus ticket for the journey from Singapore to Malacca. They really couldn’t have scribbled such a ticket earlier?

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Leaving Singapore

Photo of Singapore Chinatown at National Museum Singapore.

Various pics from “Gardens on the Bay” in Singapore. An interesting place with what they term a “cloud forest” which replicates a tropical mountain forest.

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The garden was all readied for the lunar new year, and the Chinese new year is the year of the ram, or sheep, or goat, depending on who is deciphering the character.

IMG 8863
Interesting sculpture in the garden. The sculpture theme is travelers, apparently with partial bodies.

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We left Singapore and traveled back to Bangkok. Fortunately arrived with our bodies intact.


Singapore with Shawn and Steve



Staying in Singapore for a few days with Steve and Shawn, spending time with friends is the best!


Celebrating Australia Day – Why Not????


Dinner in Singapore. The best squid ink spaghetti ever, plus great company, unbeatable!    
Shawn and Jean getting ready for evening prayers.


Steve and new buddy.

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For fans of Tin Tin there is a Tin Tin store in Chinatown, with life size figures. 




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Getting ready for the lunar new year.





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Lets just have one more!




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More stuff ready for the Chinese new year.





IMG 8787 4View from Steve and Shawn’s deck. 

IMG 8670Steve and Jean at the Sands rooftop.



IMG 8661Viewing platform at Sands casino.