Had a short trip to Hong Kong and Japan

Having worked in both these places several years ago, and so with friends to be visited and some new places to discover set off for two weeks of touring. It turned out that the touring could have been improved upon by taking a little longer, but all the goals were met – we enjoyed the company of friends, had fun along the way, and took plenty of photos, some of which are displayed here. Japan images will wait until the next post.

The Hong Kong skyline is truly dramatic, with the highest density of skyscrapers in the world.

20171025 01180

Arrived in HK after 16 hours from Newark – in economy class, not too bad, still able to focus as we approached HK.

20171026 01204

20171026 01216

20171027 01331

20171026 01275

For some relaxation from the craziness of Kowloon, went over to Stanley on the Southside of the island. Visited the Pak Tai temple, built for the Taoist god “Pak Tai” by local fishermen in 1805.

20171026 01281

Local fisherman, actually a fisherwoman, of today.

Causeway Bay early morning;


20171105-02210.jpg Sunrise over  Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.