Early Days in Singapore

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Singapore has some spectacular views – here is the view from the hotel room at night, plus an evening view from the Tower Club restaurant where we went for dinner with friends.

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Meanwhile – Singapore was but a brief stop and we quickly left for Malaysia – Malacca. While its fair to say that we quickly left Singapore we certainly did not quickly arrive in Malacca. Our expectations were set by this extract from a guide book; 

            “Below are the travel information from Singapore to Malacca (Melaka): Travel Time:3 – 4 hours depending on the traffic condition”

             Well we left at 12:50pm and arrived at 7pm, so that’s over 6 hours, including one rest stop of 10 minutes.

Getting the ticket in Singapore was interesting. We arrived a few minutes early at the bus depot, and were told too wait until later for our ticket – so we were surprised to receive a somewhat rudimentary hand written bus ticket for the journey from Singapore to Malacca. They really couldn’t have scribbled such a ticket earlier?

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