St David’s Episcopal Church, Radnor, Pennsylvania.

The church of St David’s, in what is now Radnor, was established in 1715 by Welsh immigrants. There are several notable people buried in the graveyard, including General Anthony Wayne, a major figure in the revolutionary war who died in Erie, Pennsylvania and was buried there. His son Isaac, wishing to bury him at his home church, traveled to Erie in 1809 and had the body exhumed and rendered to separate the bones from the flesh. All the bones that would fit in Isaac Wayne’s luggage were brought to St. David’s.

Also, a the grave of a surgeon in attendance at the death of Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar is also located there.

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The grave of Henry Carter MD, born in London 1750, and served as a surgeon to Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar 1805.

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Florida – land of contrasts

Florida is a land of contrasts, beaches and raw nature so close together.

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Sunsets from the condo.

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Beach scenes at Siesta Key. In contrast with the views at Myakka River State Park below.

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Myakka River State Park is 54 square miles of glorious nature, being home to many rare bird species, and hundreds of gators. I only saw the hawk below.

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