To Christchurch

We spent 8 plus hours driving north from Te Anau to Christchurch but most of the day flew by quickly as the scenery for almost the whole of the drive was spectacular. Drove through several passes and saw Mt Cook in the distance. Weather was great the whole way.

Lindis Pass, New Zealand South Island.
Lindis Pass
Mount Cook

Wasn’t sure what to expect arriving in Christchurch but the damage from the 2011 earthquake is still very extensive and will take a long time to repair.

Christchurch cathedral awaits reconstruction, 2018
Earthquake damaged complex presumably awaiting demolition.

The art gallery was damaged in the 2011 earthquake, but was reopened in 2015, and is a fine focal point for the city and its future. A few examples of the works are below.

Queenstown art gallery.
Antony Gormley sculpture outside the Christchurch art gallery. The figure is seemingly disgusted by the traffic cone thrown in the river.
19th century portrait of Maori dignitary by C F Goldie.
“Friday Night and Fraser has the Flu” by Jaqueline Fahey. Christchurch Art Museum. All the Fahey pictures have distinctive perspectives and relationships between people and objects.

Enjoyed walking this charming city in the summer sunshine, and finished at some of the events of the 25th anniversary of The World Buskers Festival.

Punting on the Avon, Christchurch.
Christchurch Botanical Gardens.
25th Annual World Buskers Festival.

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