Florida Wilderness and the Deep Hole

The Myakka River State Park is in Florida, near Sarasota, and is a place where alligators like to congregate. In particular they like to spend time at one very special location; Park Rangers and guides say that though their numbers fluctuate greatly, they have counted as many as 120 at one time. It’s a place in the park’s nature preserve called “Deep Hole” and for reasons scientists do not yet understand it attracts the gators in large numbers.

The “Deep Hole” has been estimated at about 140 feet deep, but no one knows for sure the real depth. Apparently no one wants to go diving, with all those alligators around, to find out the true depth.

It is located in a 7,500 acre wilderness preserve area, and access to the “Deep Hole” is restricted to no more than 30 humans a day and it requires a special access permit.

Its called a wilderness area for good reason, and the vegetation along the way is interesting and photogenic.

But the reward for the hike is the sight of dozens of gators in the wild.

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