Boracay – First Impressions

Wow – this is a great place for sunsets. We are staying on White Beach, named because of the color of the sand. But it ought to be called red beach for the sunsets.Boracay 1



Boracay 2



Boracay 4



Lots of activities here for those so inclined – water-sports of all kinds, plus lots of other activities. When we first arrived we were concerned about how busy the place is but the beauty still manages to overcome the hustle and bustle. We were tempted by the offers of henna tattoos but came away unmarked.

Boracay 6



This is the main street of Boracay Island, about 100 yards behind the beach. An apparently chaotic situation, but no doubt there is some order behind it all.

Boracay 7



Boracay 8



The motorcycle taxis are designed for 7 people; 3 on either side of the compartment to the right of the driver, plus one pillion passenger. There is also supposed to be an additional seat for a young child, but it seems that a child would more likely be strapped to the roof.

Boracay 9


Final beach pics for one day. Beach is busy but manageable. More to come from Boracay when time permits. 

Boracay 10



Boracay 11