Back on track

Eventually, the doctor, and Jean, insisted on me being admitted to the local hospital in Penang. They put me on a drip,  got my temperature back to normal, and for good measure filled me with antibiotics.
IMG 0741
The hospital was modern and clean. Most of the nurses, but not all, wore gloves when normally required. Unfortunately they had the pillows from hell, so sleeping was tough. The folks from the hotel were wonderful, came over to check on me and offered to bring hotel pillows to make things more comfortable. So many thanks are due to the staff at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel.
IMG 0731
A somewhat unfortunate translation of the name of the outpatients room where they draw blood.
IMG 0730
Nice view from my hospital room.
The hospital stay meant we missed our planned 5 days in Langkawi, but now back on track and next stop Singapore to spend time with old friends, Shawn and Steve.