Note to self – no more jungle hiking

We hiked in the Penang National Park today. I don’t want to see another jungle path for a long time. The map we were given was outrageously scaled, so we took a detour from the main path for what was supposed to be a 20 minute side trip to walk the forest canopy. The side trip took at least 1 1/2 hours and the forest canopy walk was closed, seemingly for safety issues as there wasn’t much evidence of maintenance. There is no charge to enter the National Park, so why not put a charge in place and fix the stuff? We then walked to the monkey beach, where these chaps eat crabs from the ocean. It was fun but hugely arduous doing around 5 miles of jungle paths which were very tough in many places and almost never flat. Up and down over rocks and tree roots in a temperature of 92 degrees in old money, 32 Celsius. We also didn’t take enough water as we didn’t realize how difficult the terrain was. Of course Jean did it all with  no trouble, but I was a straggler. Boat back for $12 was the best money spent in a long, long, time.

Malaysia 7
One of the crab eating guys
Malaysia 3

This monitor lizard was rather nervous and although they are carnivores they don’t care for human flesh.

We did some wildlife, apart from the beach monkeys, there was a huge monitor lizard strolling along the beach. Eventually it then came close to the path we were on and I missed a great photo opportunity because I was so stunned to suddenly see it approx 2 yards away from me. I took off in one direction and fortunately the lizard was more scared than me and took off in the other direction.
Jean also had a meeting with wildlife, a snake slithered into the path in front of her as she was walking behind me. A loud scream ensued, but the snake appeared mild mannered and eventually let her pass without any problem.

Jean mastering a downhill jungle path.

Malaysia 1

Malaysia 9

Malaysia 5


Malaysia 6

Heading Back After Hugely Arduous Day