Last few days in Tokyo

Spent the last couple of days in Tokyo winding down.

Visited Kamakura, old city close to Tokyo, Geoff had lunch and dinner with old colleagues, Jean spent time visiting our old friend Kyoko who had suddenly been admitted to hospital, but is now improving. We had planned to stay with Kyoko but fortunately our other friends Christa and John stepped in to fill the breach and put us up for a couple of days.

At the main temple in Kamakura, there was a bonsai exhibition, so congratulations to Yamamomizi-san for what appeared to be a prize winner.
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Detail from bonsai tree root.
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Also, it was 3,5,7 day at the temple, when children who will reach ages 3 or 5 or 7 during the year get a special blessing.

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Had dinner with friend Fuji at his selected spot, great food, here the chef is putting steak on the grill. This was preceded by several Japanese delicacies. Jean only balked at the angler fish liver.

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We didn’t get the perfect timing for fall colors in Tokyo, but in two weeks time this will be a nice photo.
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Some Tokyo scenery

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The weather was beautiful when flying out of Tokyo so had good views of the mountainous landscape, including Mt Fuji.

A very nice note on which to leave.

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