More in Kanazawa

Kanazawa Castle plus Modern Art Museum for the day.

Unfortunately the Modern Art Museum was mostly closed because they were preparing for a new exhibition. So we saw an exhibition/interpretation of Gaudi’s life which was rather good. There were a lot of original materials such as this document for a proposal for a university facility, prepared in 1870.


Jean then went to try some local crafts, including locally made parasols.


Then to the famous Kanazawa castle. Rebuilt a number of times, of course, because Japanese castles were almost always made from wood, and, guess what, they all burned down several times over hundreds of years.Japan blog b 6

Jean could not control her umbrella in a gust of wind, so here it is, on its way to the moat at the castle. Fortunately there were no officials around or she might have been told to dive in remove it.

Japan blog b 5

The good news is that is was a $5 umbrella, not a $500 parasol!

Photo 2

Japan blog b 4

Japan blog b 2

Finally some sushi, at a small place owned by a husband and wife couple. Great sushi from smiling hosts.

Sushi family